I Try To Talk Sense To Myself

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for Lent, I’m giving up

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The concern for overly exposed young bodies may be well-intentioned. With society fetishizing girls at younger and younger ages, girls are instructed to self-objectify and see themselves as sexual objects, something to be looked at. A laundry list of problems can come from obsessing over one’s appearance: eating disorders, depression, low self-worth. Who wouldn’t want to spare her daughter from these struggles?

But these dress codes fall short of being legitimately helpful. What we fail to consider when enforcing restrictions on skirt-length and the tightness of pants is the girls themselves—not just their clothes, but their thoughts, emotions, budding sexuality and self-image.

Instead, these restrictions are executed with distracted boys in mind, casting girls as inherent sexual threats needing to be tamed. Dress restrictions in schools contribute to the very problem they aim to solve: the objectification of young girls. When you tell a girl what to wear (or force her to cover up with an oversized T-shirt), you control her body. When you control a girl’s body—even if it is ostensibly for her “own good”—you take away her agency. You tell her that her body is not her own.

When you deem a girl’s dress “inappropriate,” you’re also telling her, “Because your body may distract boys, your body is inappropriate. Cover it up.” You recontextualize her body; she now exists through the male gaze.

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i get the idea behind weaponizing femininity and i understand the idea behind “crushing the patriarchy beneath your stiletto”, i get how appealing the idea is of taking symbols of femininity that have been forced on women and using them to empower yourself and get back at the system. but it just doesn’t work, it only serves to continue the oppression of those who are already being beaten down by the patriarchal idea of femininity (women of color and transwomen especially.) weaponized femininity is not a valid tool of feminism.

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leave “weaponized femininity” rhetoric in 2013 because femininity is already used as a weapon against all women, especially women of colour, queer women, poor women, fat women, trans women, and disabled women

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Opens at Nightfall
Closes at Dawn

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Tainted Love played on 13 floppy drives and a hard drive.

That is all.

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Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead

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